Monday, May 16, 2011


I wanted to share with you our first shopping trip (by ourselves) and a few fun facts or new things I am learning. Sorry the pictures aren't in order, I'll explain as we go
Here we are (I'm taking the picture) ready to walk to the store which is about 6 blocks one way. Jon and I both had backpacks so that we could carry our food home. They don't let you walk around with your backpacks inside the store, we had to turn them in at the gift wrapping counter (you can have items gift wrapped right there in the store, I've seen this twice now) where our bags were put behind the counter and we were given a number so we could get them back later.  
Here I was excited to find they have the same spices for cooking , I cooked with cumin last night...yum! However what is different is they don't come in containers, just plastic bags, so I've been on a hunt for containers to put them in or I can just leave them in the bags.
Here milk comes in 1 liter bags or smaller. Also, ziploc bags are hard to come by. I've only seem them being sold in packs of 8 and its like $3.00! 
On our way to the store this morning we passed this man who walks around picking though peoples trash looking for plastic bottles that he can sell to make some money.
Here we are outside the grocery store. Its a pretty big store, with lots of variety, only different variety. Like here the dairy section is huge and there was a whole row of  just rice. Which means there is less of other things like only 3 brands of coffee and one kind of apple. If you buy flour or noddles, you scoop them out of big tubs and put them into a bag. Fresh herbs are readily available, I was very excited about that! But not everything is cheap, the economy here in Paraguay is good, so for many things we paid the same or more for things as back in the states.  
Here is a horse and cart right here in the city! These people go around just the man in the other picture and collect plastic as a living. 
I pretty much noticed these lovely plants right away, they are along most of the fences or walls as we walked along. 
Here are Jamen and Jade walking back from the store. To the left are the same plants pictured above, they look nice until you get close:-) 
Here are a few homes we saw as we walked, they are very nice in this section of town. 
In front of one of the homes was this huge plant, so Jamen got a picture with it!
Fruit trees are in most yards, like this orange tree on the left 
I was trying to take a picture of the bus. We haven't ridden a bus yet but we will soon. Buses are everywhere and will take us to every part of the city that is too far to walk.

Well, thats all for now. Many more adventures ahead...

Well, that was the extent of our morning. It didn't take very long to walk to the store and find things and it was good to get out and see more of the city!

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zimman57 said...

The giant plant that Jamen is standing in front of is a variegated Century Plant. We have them here in south Georgia, although most of the ones we have here are not the variegated type. But they're still cool!