Friday, April 15, 2011

Nice Days

This last week has been great; all our paperwork is done and most of the packing is done too. So we've had some time to just be outside and spend time with each other. Jamen and Jade have been cracking me up with how they interact these days, its fun to watch them help each other and to hear them talk to each other. Yes we have our moments when they aren't very nice but even then there are teachable moments. Its been awesome to encourage the sweet things they do for each other and to see them growing up! So, here are some highlights from the last week...
The weather has turned nice here in VA and so we find ourselves out for walks most days.
I recently discovered that Jade fits into the baby doll stroller and that Jamen can push her all over the neighborhood. 
On our walk we found dandelions, Jade is just learning about them. 
We finally made it down to the pond where a goose came over to us (I wished I had brought bread) but that didn't keep Jamen from making friends with it. Jamen sat down and said, "hi goose, what you doing?" 
My sweet kids
Jade and I soaking up the sun!
Jamen and Jade enjoying yummy homemade gluten free crackers fresh out of the oven 
Jade getting in on the fun 
Jamen loves going outside and playing football with Daddy