Saturday, August 29, 2015

That's Life

The biggest news these days is we have internet here at home! Its weird to be connected to everyone and everything. But also very helpful... I'm writing from the kitchen table, its a hot (102F) windy Saturday. The last few months have been hard for me, I've struggled with balancing homeschooling, keeping up with house, studying, making friends and in all that time management and routine. But the Lord has encouraged me through friends and just taking the time to figure out what works for me and our family. Its been quite the growing process, I don't have it all figured out but I'm learning flexibility and realizing that our routine will change with the time of year and that's okay.
So back in June we had a ton and I mean a ton of these was nuts! They ate a lot of the trees and they covered everything! We then had lots of butterflies, some even got in the house and so we would wake to butterflies drying their wings in the morning.
Its been winter time and we did have some cold mornings of 55F in the house, so Saturday mornings looked like this.
Other mornings looked like this...Jonas went outside to work with Jon (pictured below).
Jon laying cement for the washing machine
We enjoyed a wonderful package from sweet friends, so many goodies!
I got a nasty rash on my wrist, it was actually getting better in this picture. I don't know what it was but it bubbled my skin and oozed and itched like crazy. I had tried just about everything on it (lotions, essential oils, apple cinder vinegar) and nothing was helping. Finally I showed my neighbor and she told me to scratch it open and rub garlic in it. So naturally I did it and it burned like crazy but its finally gone away. I'm guessing it was some kind of worm...yuck! 
I got that little guy stuck in my leg last weekend...people call them jumping cactus. Now I know why. I didn't even see it until it was stuck in my leg. Guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, they burn and itch even after they have been pulled out.
The kids and I did some exploring...the above tree is in bloom right now and its smells like jasmine 
Back in July we made a trip to the river, it was a fun family day! 
Jamen caught the smallest fish of the day 
Jade and Jonas found a shady spot to play. 
So that's a bit of life here the last few months! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

No Words

I have been at a loss for words the last two months. Even as I write I don't know what to share, except here are a few...

Got some large mosquitoes flying around right now 
my favorite wild orchid is in bloom right now 
Lots of mushroom growth due to the cool weather and misty days 
awesome clouds  
my kids doing their favorite thing...playing in the dirt 

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Fall in March

Fall has arrived here, the days are shorter and the weather was cooler this month. The hottest day was only 106 and the last two weeks this month have been very mild with temps in the 80s or 90s and dropping into the 60s or 70s at night. It's rained a lot more this month and the gardens in the village are growing well, that is when the caterpillars aren't eating everything and the ants are cutting everything down.
We have enjoyed a few watermelons. Our kittens have kept us entertained and they are a fun addition to the family. With the cold and rain brought new challenges. We have a good routine when it's hot, how much to drink, what foods to eat, how often to bath. But with the cold, rain and cloudy days, left us scrambling to do laundry sooner than later cause it would take two days to dry or to not do laundry cause it would run the water tank dry. On cloudy days the sun doesn't shine, which doesn't allow the solar panel to function which powers our water pump. I finally put buckets under the roof to catch water and emptied a big plastic barrel I use to store blankets and extra sheets and towels in and put that under the roof as well. The extra rain water went a long way that cloudy week and I felt very much like an 1900's pioneer woman. When the sun finally shone it was busy few days of doing laundry all day. The kids complained it was too cold and they were  putting on sweatshirts and pants when it was 80 in the house, but then again so was I. Other exciting things this month include seeing several new snakes, 3.5 foot rattle snake, two baby coral snakes, and me almost stepping on a 6 foot rainbow boa. 

Language has been coming slowly but I'm excited with the progress made and this next month has I'll have opportunity to lean to sew bags and I'm thankful a faithful friend who comes to visit me about three times a week, it's been very encouraging for me. 

The baby kittens
The rain... 

Friday, March 06, 2015

The whole month of Feb

By the time you read this we will have spent our first whole month out in the village. Currently I am writing this from our house (we have been out here for 3 weeks now). It rained last night, a cold south wind blew in and dropped the temp down to 68F this morning and its only been a high of 80F today. This might not seem such a big deal to most but after the last 2 weeks with the temps over 100F and for a week over 110F, its a welcomed break. I looked back on my journal and the highest temp was 112F and that night it had only cooled down to 110F in the house at 8:30pm. I had heard it said (and now I totally agree), "the heat is better as long as there is a breeze." There were days when the air was so still and not a sound could be heard and the sweat would just drip off of you, I have never experience that kind of sweating, all I was doing was sitting still.

That being said, we have done very well in the heat, we have fans in the house and having a no complaining attitude goes a long way. I will say though the heat it does have its positives, its been too hot and dry for bugs, I never have to dry my dishes and by the time I get all the laundry hung most of it is dry and I can take it back down again, I don't have to heat water for washing dishes or baths, we hardly eat  it's a perfect weight loss plan. Also it's been sunny so we are getting lots of vit D and finally after 5 months of being sick, we are healthy! The heat in a lot of ways makes life easier.

In other news, we have been working on some projects for the house, like getting it better sealed up so the opossum rat, large centipedes, lizards and huge spiders can't come inside. Jon built some storage shelves, I rearranged the furniture to make more space and thanks to pintrest converted an old dresser into a shelf. We brought out the deep freezer, which has been the most awesome thing of all. Being able to double a batch of muffins and freeze it, cook a big pot of strew and divide it into 3 meals to freeze, has freed me up in so many ways. Not to mention, the unlimited ice we can make which makes drinking so much better when the tap water comes out at 100F.

I started our new school year with the kids beginning of Feb. Jamen is in second grade this year and Jade is in kindergarten. I am using all new material this year and I was the most nervous the first day of school. But the kids are liking everything so far and so am I. Jon has dived head first into learning the language and he is loving it! He's been sharing all he's learning with me and our coworkers have also been a weather of information.

Among other things I am still learning how life works out here, between the power going out (it can be anywhere from 9 hours to 15 min) and dealing with limited water on cloudy days or knowing when is the best day to do laundry. Its been so dry and hot here, there hasn't been enough rain for the peoples crops to grow and the village cisterns have been dry for a while. People come asking for food, water and ice, I am learning that life can be very hard out here. But I am also learning that God has provided food that grows among the thorns (which seem to cover every inch of the land out here) and we have been able to help gather wild beans for our friends and they are able to hunt the wild animals.

I think too we have had our first bout of culture shock even though we are in the same country, life and the people are different here.

Also for fun I have planted an "herb garden", currently I have sunflowers, anise, moringa, yellow flowers, dill and aloe growing. It's something I enjoy and it's nice to have a hobbie.

So that's been our first month, looking forward to the adventure of this month!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Once Again

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
 It has been so fun this month to enjoy all the fun traditions we hadn't experienced the last three years....
Decorating the tree in the cool of the house 
Frosting cookies with Pa
Wearing warm winter hats and mittens
 Then Jade turned 5! I can hardly believe its been 5 years!
It was so fun to throw her a themed party, it was a surprise and she loved it!
Frozen crafts 
Building a "snowman" 
Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing! 
Fun Frozen foods and ideas (thank you pinterest)
Both sets of Grandparents were able to be there and some of the cousins, it was a good party!

So this brings our furlough to a close, its been a full 7 months but a good time to catch our breath a bit, do fun things as a family, see all our family and visit with friends and churches. We are almost packed and ready to go back in three days!