Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Pictures

March was a rather discouraging month for me, so I didn't post...basically we were stuck in town cause the truck was broken and it seemed we had one set back after another. However at the end of the month a friend offered to drive us out to the village, using his truck and trailer! I was very excited cause it meant one last big trip to get the last of our stuff moved out and it would mark our longest stay out (16 days).  So, here is the story... 
We packed and loaded down the truck and trailer on a rainy Sunday morning. Thankfully it hadn't rained in 12 hours and the roads were open... 
...but they were muddy and the big cattle trucks were backed up cause the roads had been closed the day before. The roads are sloped to help with water run off which is great, except when you are gonna pass other cars... 
...and of course we had to pass those trucks and we got stuck, even with 4 wheel drive the trailer had to be unhooked, pushed sideways and then pulled out by the truck. Jon and I were so glad our friend was driving, he grew up in the Chaco and knows the ins and outs of driving in the mud. I'll be honest diving in the mud is a little stressful for me so it was really good to watch and learn from someone who has lots of experience.
We finally got there and unloaded, dusted the spiders and the webs from the furniture in the house and began to unpack. I still have much to learn about bananas were mush and had to be frozen for banana pancakes later. Thankfully my jars of canned chicken, stewed veggies and pickles all made it!
This time we had lots of visitors in and around the house, this little guy was crawling down the wall one morning, we saw two more in the house but they were smaller...either way...yuck! 
Several of these grasshoppers were seen, they were pretty cool 
This big green moth got in the house one night, he was really pretty.
This bright green caterpillar was crawling around outside and the kids had a good time playing with him. The game was to play with him without touching him with their hands (we don't which bugs are ok and which aren't at this point)
and there was this tarantula. 
We were able to bring the washing machine out but it took us a few days to get it working, so in the mean time Jade helped me with the wash. 
We finished setting up the kids rooms, they were very happy to play with their toys. 
We took several walks to visit the neighbors, Jade was pointing out a plant that is covered with thorns and really burns if you touch it. 
Of course we also had visitors 
It was hot most of the time we were out there (102F) but thankfully we had two fans for the kids to use at night, we had a few less than restful nights but what can you do...nothing, it was good to experience. 
The kids loved every moment...
...even when our friend killed a rattle snake (a very little one) and watched Jon skin it.
It was good for them to see it, we are still teaching them about all the snakes out there.  
Jon and Jonas enjoying some rest time in the hammock. 
Jamen turned 6 when were out there and we made doughnuts...lots 
The wild orchids were in bloom the last few days of our stay.
We also got to enjoy some cooler nights (60F), which was nice break from the heat and the bugs which flock to the lights in the house.
Jon and Jamen found cactus fruit but we don't know how to pick it. Even the fruit is covered in fine hair like thorns. 
One of the highlights while we were there was honey hunting. Jon went with our friends (its not womens work) to get honey from a hive they had found...and there was honey! Some times you go and do all the work chopping the tree or hive and smoking the bees out only to find a hive with no honey.
The tree with the hive inside and no they didn't have to cut the tree down. The bees had built it inside the log on the ground.
It was a wonderful two weeks in our new home! We got a ride back to town and are currently waiting for a car part to be shipped from the city. We are in the middle of a 5 day holiday and because of that we had some surprise visits and some planned visits the last few days.
Some friends from our church in the city were up visiting the Chaco and we were able to get together for a bit.
Some other friends came and stayed with us for a few days to celebrate Easter. We made the traditional chipa (type of cheese bread) and had an asado (bbq) with them.
We also visited some of the monuments around town and learned a little more of the history of the town.
It was so encouraging to see friends and catch up!
Then to top it off Jamen lost his first tooth!

That pretty much sums up April, later this month Jonas will turn 2 and we hope to have the car fixed to make one more trip to the village.