Monday, April 30, 2007

Gates of Hell

So yeah, 61,000 acres and counting are gone from GA's magnificent forest's of pine...The fire that they are calling "the monster" (or something like that) is burning like 60 miles away, but as you can see, you can hardly see the sun here at 3 in the afternoon. This is the closest we ever get to snow here in south GA (falling ash :-) ). For those of you though who did hear about bad fires and were wondering we are ok. Thanks for caring about us.

Our bunny Stella has discovered the toilet. Isn't that cute?
Unfortunately she also discovered the toilet paper. Not so cute

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Family's Growing...

Somebody special has just entered our little family. Or should I say some "bunny" special. Ha. Oh wow, why do I bother? Anyway Jen and I were on a date and I made a wrong turn (although I still maintained control of where we were better than a GPS system) and we wind up at the flea market. Ok, let's walk around. So we get around all the way to the back and they have animals back there. Pedigree multi million dollar dogs, lizards, get the idea. Well they also had bunnies for a couple bucks and Jen has been wanting a miniture lop-eared rabbit since before we got married. Well, they had one.

We are still tossing around name ideas. Right now we just call it good bunny or bad bunny, depending on what it did. The name ideas we are tossing around include but are not limited to "Ihop" "Napolean" and "Fang". I like Fang personally. He's a cute little guy, but he goes to the bathroom constantly. It's amazing. And he can jump over thing 3 feet high. Or should a say she. Yes, fang is a girl.