Friday, February 23, 2007

Top Story in our life right now

The other day Jen and I had a very relaxing Saturday about an hour from home. We went to see a place called Ft. Frederica and then we decided to go have a picnic lunch by the water. The whole time we were entertained immensely by these little guys as they dive-bombed the river for fish. I think pelicans are officially my favorite bird to watch. They are just so much fun. We counted over 20 in all just sitting around, although it appears that only 7 could appear in this shot. But thats not the big news

Jen and I have been talking and praying about what the future holds. We have made a decision that we are going to continue with New Tribes Mission, but we are pushing back our next phase of training at the Missionary Training Center from this August until August of 2008. Why postpone this long you ask? Since Jen and I have been married life has been very rushed and very stressful for both of us. We feel its just in our best interest to deepen our partnership to each other with life going at a slower pace. We've prayed and talked to our pastor and we all agree this is for the best. It will also give us more time at our sending church to educate them about Tribal Missions and strengthen the bond between sender and goer. They are already excited about the prospect of directly supporting missionaries and this will only add to this excitement.
Please continue to pray for us. We still have alot to do before August 2008. Thank you for your part in Expanding The Reach of the Gospel!