Sunday, October 09, 2011

A Pregnant Mothers Heart

I have been longing to write these last few weeks but I have found myself out of time most days and weeks. So finally I said I'm taking a break. I haven't put in any language time these last two days. We've been doing things with people but I haven't been studying, just enjoying myself, which has been very refreshing. Now that I've confessed my lack of study and feel better, let me tell you what we've been up to.

A few weeks back I celebrated my 26th birthday and we were able to celebrated it with some friends and my morning sickness that day was less so I was able to enjoy myself. They came over for good meat (better than steak), mandioca (yucca), sopa paraguaya (a very typical corn meal, onion and cheese bread), also salad (of sorts). Everyone enjoyed flan for dessert, since I don't know how to make a gluten free cake from scratch and at the time sweets were making me feel ill. We sat around and ate and talked. I did lots of listening, as is normal still but it was nice to be with friends and I should add they brought and cooked all the food for me, except the flan. What a blessing, no cooking, good food and friends...this was a birthday to remember!
Here are some pictures of us...
This was my favorite picture, Jamen loves to be silly with Chico.
My sweet kids continue to grow and learn at great speeds it seems. Jamen drew a cement truck the other day. This was also the day he had a horrible rash, in-case you were wondering about his face. They still don't "speak" Spanish but neither do I, but they are learning more and more. They will randomly say things in Spanish or we will study together and they are picking it up.
Jade likes to give "thumbs-up" which she has learned very well from watching all people here who do it. She such a cutie these days, loves to play with her dolls, is potty trained and loves to quote the guys who come on the bus and talk rapidly selling things (I need to get a video, its hilarious)!
Here I am at 5 weeks and again at 11 weeks. Morning sickness is so much less these days and its a wonderful feeling! I am still tired and naps are pretty much a must most days unless I can go to bed at 8:00. Jamen and Jade are still excited about the baby and look forward to reading about the baby each week. Jade still wants to look in my belly button to see the baby and Jamen doesn't think its a boy or a girl. Having two "old" kids this pregnancy is so much fun.  
Up until recently I was pretty freaked out about this pregnancy, I always said "no babies overseas" but the Lord is using this in my life to grow me. Already it has brought us closer to our friends and made me realize I'm not as strong as I think I am. Its been very humbling as I have to let my friends and husband serve me in ways I normally wouldn't allow. Jon took over and still does most all the house stuff, so that I can study or get the extra rest I need. If life wasn't already a little harder before it seems a lot harder now that I'm pregnant. Which like I said is causing me to grow closer to the Lord and realize I need to be faithful with what I have and where I'm at. If that means the dirty dishes sit on the counter for three days and we only wash what need so that we can study and be good parents than so be it. If it means I don't sweep the floor for a week but have time to read to my kids then I have to let that go. I never use to do this, everything had to get done that day or I didn't sleep at night or was all stressed out the next day. I am so thankful for this time of learning, has it been easy no, but its good and is what the Lord would have for me right now. 
Please continue to pray for us, as we study and have evaluations coming up in the next 3 weeks. Pray for continued faithfulness in parenting and as we juggle life and family. Pray also this baby and my self as I struggle with lower back problems and its already hurting (need to be faithful to stretch my back and take it easy when I know its hurting.)