Wednesday, December 05, 2012

November At Our House

This last month has been filled with so many things, but here are the highlights....

Jamen and Jade dressed up for church in front of our Christmas tree. 
My maggot soup...what you see are the bugs (the black dots) and yes there were little maggots all cooked into the chicken soup. The dog ate very well for two weeks.
I started homeschooling Jamen and Jade on Nov. 5th. Its been a huge learning curve for me, just cause I've never done it before. I'm learning to better manage my time so that I can teach school, do house hold chores and still study Spanish. Jamen is quick learner so he is keeping me on my toes with school. 

One thing about homeschooling that I like is doing crafts, one day I made homemade finger paints.

Another day we made cinnamon salt dough cookies Christmas tree ornaments. 

Jonas continues to grow, he is now 7 months old and is finally rolling both ways, he can sit up for all of 5 seconds by himself before tipping over. He loves to be with Jamen and Jade when they are playing especially now that he does roll more cause he can reach things. He is not eating solids yet but he is big (18-20lbs) and health as can be! 
We received some fruit snacks in a package the other day and I found it very interesting how my kids organized their snacks. I really love learning styles and how people in general learn. I am loving watching my kids learn and to be able to teach them the way they learn best.
Jamen and Jade with their snow flakes, we tried to make the 100 degree house feel more like Christmas by making snowflakes. I don't think it helps, but it was fun.
Jonas with some cold water in his bottle which he only uses as chew toy, same with his sippy cup.
This year we enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends, what a colorful plates we had! Its hard to eat the same way for holidays here as we use to in the states, most things you cannot find or are very expensive but this year we got close, it was exciting and we were thankful for ever bite!
The desserts were a hit, peanut butter pie, apple crisp, and two kinds of fudge! YUM!

Jamen talking to his Grandparents on Thanksgiving day, it brought tears to my eyes being so far away but it was so great to see my son talking to family.

Stay tuned for next months post...