Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Aaahh Freak Out

I am not really freaking out with only 7 days left but that part of the song is stuck in my head and seems appropriate...even if its not accurate.

 Well, this last month has been full of goodbyes, birthdays and wonderful memories. The kids have done well with all the moving and seeing new people. I am still amazed at their little personalities coming out more and more and it fills my heart with joy to see them grow and learn! So, here are the highlights of the last 4 weeks...

Jon, Jade, my sweet sister and I at the playground
Jamen and Jade loved having Grandma and Grandpa there to read, play and to celebrate Jamen's 3rd birthday!
The birthday boy!
The red firetruck cake I made, to go along with our "red" themed party, all Jamen wanted was a "red" birthday. It took me about three hours to make this cake and only about 30 min to eat it, but I had tons of fun doing it and Jamen really liked it!
Dressed up on Easter morning!
The Easter egg hunt that afternoon, Jamen was excited with how many he found...
but Jade was the first to discover there was stuff inside...I didn't realize till after the fact that I could have left them empty since it was their first egg hunt.They wouldn't have know there was suppose to be stuff inside:-) They had fun and I think all of us grown ups had more fun watching them! 
Jade being down right cute!
Gigi and Bompa also made a trip down for a few days, it was wonderful to see them and spend precious time with them. Four generations of Quast watching hockey together, priceless! 

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