Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Fall in March

Fall has arrived here, the days are shorter and the weather was cooler this month. The hottest day was only 106 and the last two weeks this month have been very mild with temps in the 80s or 90s and dropping into the 60s or 70s at night. It's rained a lot more this month and the gardens in the village are growing well, that is when the caterpillars aren't eating everything and the ants are cutting everything down.
We have enjoyed a few watermelons. Our kittens have kept us entertained and they are a fun addition to the family. With the cold and rain brought new challenges. We have a good routine when it's hot, how much to drink, what foods to eat, how often to bath. But with the cold, rain and cloudy days, left us scrambling to do laundry sooner than later cause it would take two days to dry or to not do laundry cause it would run the water tank dry. On cloudy days the sun doesn't shine, which doesn't allow the solar panel to function which powers our water pump. I finally put buckets under the roof to catch water and emptied a big plastic barrel I use to store blankets and extra sheets and towels in and put that under the roof as well. The extra rain water went a long way that cloudy week and I felt very much like an 1900's pioneer woman. When the sun finally shone it was busy few days of doing laundry all day. The kids complained it was too cold and they were  putting on sweatshirts and pants when it was 80 in the house, but then again so was I. Other exciting things this month include seeing several new snakes, 3.5 foot rattle snake, two baby coral snakes, and me almost stepping on a 6 foot rainbow boa. 

Language has been coming slowly but I'm excited with the progress made and this next month has I'll have opportunity to lean to sew bags and I'm thankful a faithful friend who comes to visit me about three times a week, it's been very encouraging for me. 

The baby kittens
The rain...