Sunday, October 10, 2010

Done in OK

After a 5.5 hour car ride from OK to MO we are once again settled for a short time. Our time in OK went fast but it was a great growing experience for both Jon and I. The Lord really taught us a lot about being content with where he has us, loving others and loving each other. We will be MO for a few weeks while Jon does his write up of the Cherokee language. We will also be taking care of some last minute things before packing up and leaving MO for the last time! Below are a few things that took place over the last month since our last post.
Jamen has discovered he is now able to climb and bike without help. He is also talking in FULL sentences and today he only stopped when I told him he couldn't talk with food in his mouth. I really am loving having a 2.5 year hasn't been terrible!
Our time in OK had a lot of firsts for Jade...
We had mother daughter time and painted our toes,
she wore her first frilly dress,
and had enough hair for a first pony tail!