Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday Strawberries

This month we took a trip to see where we get our strawberries from. 
We have been enjoying strawberries for the last three months now, we buy them from people who walk door to door selling them. Its a great way to get some speaking time in and get something we all enjoy!
The man above talked to us for about 30min explaining everything we wanted to know about strawberries, 
from how they grow them, how many they harvest, who owns and works the fields.  
Then we all enjoyed some very yummy fresh strawberry ice-cream! 
Well everyone that is but Jonas  
A quick update on Jonas, he is 5 months now. He is rolling from his belly to his back. Jade wanted to do Jonas's hair the other day so she put her clip "in his hair" 
 I did catch him coming off of his mat the other day. He is a very happy baby, and is by far the biggest of the three. He also likes to snuggle. He is the first of our kids that has liked and is willing to snuggle, its great!
This month was also my birthday. Its crazy to be 27, have three kids, a wonderful husband, great friends and living life to the fullest! 
This was the first birthday since I was like 10 that I wanted to do something. So, we went to a park and walked around in the 110F degree heat (crazy I know), then we went out to lunch to eat some yummy Paraguayan foods. Later that night our wonderful friends came to say happy birthday and brought me a gluten free cake! We grilled out, ate corn on the cob and Jon and the kids found me muffin tins!! We also experience a very bad storm that evening with F1 winds and hail. We lost power for about an hour and thankfully that was all. Other places had sever damage, housed destroyed and people were killed. It was pretty intense. 

Well, that was September in a nut shell, what did you do?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Times of My Life

There are times when...
...left to themselves they get creative... more ways than one! 
There are time when even moms get scared... 
...of giant moths! 
There are times when you need a new hair style and a new stylist.
Then there are times when they play so nice all together!

I am continuing to study Spanish, live life and enjoy the times the Lord has given me to enjoy!