Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Foods

Today I went with a fellow missionary to the big market in town! This was my first time in a market of this size. It was incredible, all the colors of the fruits and veggies, the spicy smell of  fresh basil, parsley and rosemary, unfortunately I forgot my camera. But I took pictures of the foods I got and cooked and am excited to share the new things we got to try or will be trying in the next few days!
Here we have the beef I got from the store yesterday, looks just like you would get it if you went to Walmart. To the left you'll see a white block of fresh cheese without salt, I got that the market today. I don't know how fresh it was but fresh enough not to have aged hardly at all cause it was very soft and mild flavor. Onions and garlic are a staple in our home and can be bought any where. The bottle you see is fresh wild honey from the Chaco with a corn cob as a cork and bugs and dirt floating on top, but I can't wait to try it! Then you will notice the corn chips which are just like any other corn chip only a little thicker and less salty. You will also notice my fruit and veggie wash, I brought the bottle but made my own spray from water, white vinegar, baking soda and grapefruit seed extract. I like to know my fruits and veggies are clean! 
Here to the left you see lemons and my little juicer, notice the lemons are not yellow but I still got the same product. Then the tomatoes, oranges and lettuce-with the roots still intact! You will also notice the eggs sitting out. Believe it or not, eggs can sit at room temperature, as long as they have not been refrigerated. So here all the eggs are not refrigerated and if you looked for them in the refrigerated section of the store they wouldn't be there.
Soaking the broccoli in salt water to remove moths, squishy bugs and anything else thats hiding (I found it all). Broccoli is coming into season down here now that its cooler. 
  Here is my finished masterpiece for the evening!
It was like tacos, without the ground beef, salsa, and sour cream, but it was really good! 
Here are Jamen and Jade enjoying their dinner and don't worry they use tables and chairs down here. In fact it would be very culturally inappropriate for us to be eating on the floor, but we were by our selves and I wanted to eat without a child on my lap:-)

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of some of the new things we are privileged to try. I'm finding the food isn't a big adjustment, things are a little dirtier but its just as if you grew it in the back yard and we have water to clean it so its really not a big deal. The kids are doing great with it, they both are loving the broccoli and fresh tomatoes! I'm excited to learn to make some of the everyday more traditional foods that they eat down here, I've had a few and they are so good!

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