Friday, June 07, 2013

Forget May Not

The months just seem to fly, here are this months highlights...

The three kids! Jonas is very close to walking these days. He is also getting better at his sign language. He says, "please", "more", "all finished", "milk", "drink" and is working at putting two together, so far its been, "more milk" and "more please". The baby sign language goes a long way, it sure is nice that he can communicate with more than just whining to get what he wants. Jamen and Jade are pretending more and more, they are so fun to watch.
This month we attended our very first 15th birthday. To read more click this link
It was fun to get dressed up and go out, even if we were learning the whole time.
The cake and goodies!
Singing happy birthday!
Jonas loves to eat!
We went to a friends birthday this month!
I also have learned to make homemade yeast bread, its minimal work, cheap and yummy (according to Jon and the kids, this bread is not gluten free). I also learned a trick. Wrapping the bread in a damp cloth after taking it out of the pan softens the crust so its easy to cut and its not crumbly!