Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As always it seems time gets way from me. In the last 5 months since my last post tons of things have happened. I have since been trying to reorganize my life so that I have time to keep you all updated. Since it would take too much time to cover the last 5 months I'll cover the last 8 weeks. 
Its time you were introduced to Jonas Daniels Quast, born April 27th at 1:29am.  I was really nervous about having a baby overseas and all the details involved in having a baby in a strange place. The Lord was good and gracious, he answered all my prayers and calmed my worried heart! I had the quickest labor ever, 3.5 hours! It was way better than the 15 and 12 hour labors from the other two. Jonas also came on his due date, the other two were both late (Jamen a week and Jade 10 days). The hospital staff was great, way better than another hospital experience I had previously had. My doctor was in town for the delivery which is was a big deal cause he spoke English and I wasn't ready to have a baby and not be able to communicate with my doctor, it was hard enough remembering what to say to the nursing staff. I was only in the hospital for 18 hours and I had the quickest recovery than ever before. Also, both the kids loved Jonas from the start!!
Jade and Jonas 
Jamen and Jonas

Also, in the last 8 weeks we have moved into a bigger house, which has made living much easier. I don't have pictures of the new house yet but here are Jamen and Jade playing. 
Jamen made an ant trap 
Jade feeding her baby like mommy

Well, about a week after we moved and 6 weeks after Jonas was born we made a trip to the Chaco of PY, the area we hope to work in. There were lots of new things for us to experience, like Jon stopping to ask directions from this man on horse, driving 6 hours on one road with no exits for bathroom stops, McDonalds or coffee breaks...
But the view was amazing! 
Finally we arrived and got to see all the wilds of the Chaco, mostly all the thorns but we did get to see LOTS of birds and some little hamster looking things. 
While in the Chaco we visited a tribal location and got to go to church, it was crazy to hear another language and not know a thing! I mean it was one thing to not know any Spanish but I at least had heard the language spoken and knew a few words, but here we didn't know anything, not even how to say "hi". 
We to experience the Chaco dust and the mud. The mud limited us in visiting other location on our week trip do to roads being closed. And when I say mud I mean mud that if you stop it drags you off the road and you get stuck or  if you try to stop you can't cause its like ice, no traction. I had a hard time with the mud, it was kinda scary but we made it and it was a good experience cause that's life out there and I had better get use to it. 
Its been a very busy 8 weeks but a good 8 weeks. Stay tuned for more pictures and new adventures in our lives 
Bet you didn't know that aloe flowered...I didn't