Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mommy and Baby at 20 weeks

Here I am half way through pregnancy and here is our little Quastlet at 19 and half weeks.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Friday, November 09, 2007

Its A Boy

That is correct. We are having a boy. This morning I was able to take off from work so that I could drive Jen to her docter's appointment in Jacksonville. It was nice to actually sleep in a bit, but then it was off to the docter's office. There was a little confusion on which exit to take because Floridians like to be elusive but we made it just fine. (Georgians like things to make sense, that is why we have peaches) We arrived at the docters office in PLENTY of time (I think that no matter what time you arrive at the docter you will always wait one hour in the waiting room). We went in and they did their thing and we got this wonderful image. As you can see it is a boy. We were encouraged that many things with the baby were perfectly normal (a couple minor normal variances) and healthy. Afterwards the docter sat us down and explained everything to us, in words I could mostly understand, and we left feeling very relieved and excited over finding out the gender. Then it was a race back home to get my work done at "the office".

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Second Audio Available

The second audion sermon of my sermons at Browntown Baptist Church. The sermon is on our position in Christ. If youd like to listen to it click here. Like the other sermon please let me know of any technical problems so I can correct them. Thanks

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Technical Problems Solved

I've been trying to figure out for awhile now how to upload audio to the blog and finally it is available for you. The first audio file I have is of my first speaking engagement at browntown baptist church on James 2:14-24. The second audio file is of my second speaking engagement at browntown baptist church, but it is not available yet. I have gone back to the original post that says "click here" but when you click it nothing something will happen. Please let me know of any technical problems (I am aware of the homilitic problem)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Partnership Developement Developement

Why do I word these things so? For one, to draw your attention to an article that otherwise you might not look at and two because I have some new news to share regarding status.

First: I had a meeting with my Pastor from our sending church last week. I was just asking some questions and was making sure that First Baptist St Marys still is seeking to be our sending church. He stated that our church is making every effort to do so (I have also talked to other people in the church and the attitude is that it is not even a question) and that he is trying to get it into our church budget in seed form this year so we can be ready when the time comes. Only hurdle has been created by myself in that my church still is not 100% sure what they need to be doing as our sending church, and my pastor would like me to get on that right away.

Second: I had a second preaching opportunity this past sunday at Browntown Baptist Church. This church is such a blessing as pastor Chris Johnson (pictured) and fam are 100% behind us and are probably our greatest encouragement right now. It's good to have friends who understand you. He asked me to preach on positional righteousness (no small task) and to listen to is just click here. I feel I made a better presentation this time around, but that's trivial.

It hit me not too long ago that people that God loves are dying every day and going to hell without the first chance to believe in Jesus. I am willing to go. I love those people with the love of the Spirit. But I am human. How much more does Christ, who has already died for them, love them? He will see to it that the Quasts get to them, I am sure of that. Why do I doubt God's faithfulness when He is not willing that any should perish?