Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some of the lastest...

Jamen really enjoyed breakfast this morning!

Jamen playing with his toes

Jamen and I before church

New warm hat from Great Aunt Dawn, thank you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

100th Post is about Musical Kid

I've been trying to decide which instruments to teach Jamen first since he was first thought of. Recently I decided that djembe should naturally be his first instrument because he can get used to hitting it at a young age. Once he can start walking I'll get him a small one of his own, but for now he likes daddy's. Enjoy

This is the first take that didn't work so well...

Take Two

Monday, October 13, 2008

Crazy 10 days!

So much has happened, where do I begin? For starters, Jamen has slept through the night for the last 10 days. Now, I'm not talking 6 hours, I'm talking 12 hours at a times and he did it on his own. Its been amazing! He's crawling, as you saw in our last post. He's cut a second tooth, turned 6 months, started solid foods and went camping for the second time. Our little baby is growing
I'm ready to eat!
Oh gosh, here it comes...
The boys warm by the camp fire
Just me:-)

The following pictures are some of my favorite. Jamen was suppose to be taking a nap, however, I left the tent open by accident and when I came back to check on him this is what I found...
Oops...lost my pacifier...
guess I better go get it...
oh good, its right there...
Oh Hi Mom, just getting my pacifier...nothing else:-)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well...Hello To You Too!

Jamen has been trying to crawl for weeks now. Monday morning, while Jen and I were getting ready for class, he finally "figured it out". We were so happy that we were both on hand to witness this first step of forward motion. Ever since he made the discovery he has been having so much fun going where he wants and getting what he wants. This video is of him on day 2 of crawling. Watch the whole video for a surprise ending!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ. This is not intended to be a one-time post but a theme that will be revisted many times over the next couple of months. We had our "field fair" here at the Missionary Training Center just over a week ago now. The field fair is where representatives came and shared the needs around our world specifically relating to those that had never heard the gospel.

While Jen and I have not made official decisions or plans, we would like you to be praying with us as we feel like we are praying for a couple of fields specifically. Would you join us as we pray for our future involvement in either the Paraguay, Bolivia, or Senegal fields? We will supply more information on each of these fields respectively. Each has very real needs, and each presents unique challenges.

We hope to have made our decision along with our sending church First Bapist St Marys GA no later than Februray. The sooner we decide the better, but we do not want to rush into a field without first following Gods lead. Thank you all for your prayers and support...they are what keeps us going