Saturday, August 31, 2013


We had few memorable life moments this month but mostly I feel like this month has been getting ready for next month or at least the middle week in September in which we have, a medical trip with our church, my evaluation, my birthday, a friend leaving for the states, starting a new home school year and a wedding! Its going to be a busy week that week. 

This month mostly consisted of me studying 35-42 hours a week, which has its challenges. After living here for 2 years I finally decided this month to get some house help. And I am so glad I did! Finally we have one day that is less busy and the help is great, its taken me a little while not to feel guilty for having help and wanting to help the house help. Its also a great time for me to learn and practice speaking more! 
So, other than study this month here is some of what we did or experienced....
The presidential place was opened up one weekend here after 150 years of being closed to the public. We didn't get to go in cause the thousands of people but we did enjoy the river view, watching the making of churros and kids liked the clown. 
Churros are made of a dough that is deep fried, it has a hole in the middle which is then filled with ducle de leche (sweetened condensed milk that has been caramelized).
This month was also very cold at times, enough to frost again and kill over 800 head of cattle in some places. So we bundled up. 
But it was also hot enough for shorts and drinking terere.

We also battled colds, I had pretty bad flu, we visited with friends, had small group and faced the reality of death and the hopelessness without Christ. Jon attended a vigil, we also visited a very sick friend and heard of a death in the village that our friends work in, very sad and yet very motivating to learn a language and culture so that there can be clear understanding. Keep praying we'll be faithful with our time with our friends and our family!

Monday, August 05, 2013

July Flys

This month flew by but I guess so do all the other months. I got a little carried away with pictures so hang with me, lots happened this month...
Jamen finished his first year of home school this month! Next year he will be going into first grade, he can't wait to start!

Jonas has become more of a helper these days, wanting to sweep, put things in the trash even if its not trash and he is slowly learning to play along side his older brother and sister.

We took the kids to the zoo, it was the first time for Jonas and I have to say he didn't like it as much as we thought. He mostly just liked the birds. Everything else was too big and scary for him, he freaked out when the lions came rushing out of the cage into the open area.

Here is a happy face.

We all loved watching the hippo eat and the monkey hanging by his tail.

Jon climbed this big tree at the zoo, the kids wanted to tag along.

A nice picture of the three kids...

Enjoying their first cotton candy!

July was also cold. Place outside the city hit 22F for at least three nights in a row. People died of the cold, there was frost and ice. Its still amazes me how it can be so hot in the summer and yet get so cold. We bundled up and drank lots of mate, a hot drink here. 

Jade also started her dance class this month. We were in the right place at the right time and she got a 5 month scholarship at a dance school. It took a little to get use to but now she can't stop smiling while she is there, she loves it!

At the end of July, friendship day is celebrated here and Jade and I attended a tea for the ladies in the church. It was fun to do something together and another great learning time for me.