Tuesday, October 07, 2014

September Got Away

September has been full! We were in TN for 3 full weeks, getting to know people in a church out there and visiting the Smoky Mountains. My kids made friends and it broke my heart to have to move on, but I am so thankful for other kids accepting my kids and my kids jumping in and making friends. I'm thankful for people who included us and did fun things for our kids like take them to the county fair. It was fun for me too, I met new people, learned lots about canning (which will help me later back in PY), kept homeschooling and learned more about myself.

Rainbow falls in the smoky mountains.
It was beautiful! 
Baskins Creek Falls

Jonas was loving the orange (his favorite color) leaves
Jamen and Jade worked hard in their books to get their junior badges.

Finally we said goodbye to TN and we made our way to GA we stopped in a place called Cataloochee in NC for two days to camp. We got to see lots of elk and up close too!
We saw 30 elk one day and 20 more the next day 
Our last day the rain and sun created an amazing rainbow 
I even saw the end of the rainbow! I was pretty excited and a little disappointed there was no pot of gold at the end. 

This last part of September simply has gotten away from me. I had my birthday (this is my last year in my 20s, hard to believe) and after that we have been sick every weekend and then Jamen broke his arm. It hasn't been fun (just being honest) but I am so thankful for so many things through all this. Thankful doctors close by, fun sick foods, cool house to battle the fevers, freezer space for popsicles, a dryer to dry favorite blankets quickly and lots of kid movies!