Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Birthday Month

April for the last two years has been birthday month between us and our good friends, we have a birthday every week for 5 weeks (cause Jon's comes the first week in May)! However this month between our family and theirs  we colds, they had dengue and much more so our celebrating slowed down this month. We were finally able to come together and celebrate. Also, this month we continued with school and enjoyed special times together.
The kids enjoying some planet earth together 
Jonas, the morning of his birthday! 
Happy 1st Birthday Jonas! 
First cake! 
Jamen turned 5 this month, hard to believe. 
Jamen has some friends over to help celebrate his birthday. 
Jamen has been learning about time in school
I painted Jades nails with pok-a-dots 
Jonas is learning about sitting at the table and eating big people food, which he loves! 
After all the sickness, we were able to get together and grill pork ribs with our friends. We had never had them here and they were soooo good! 
Apparently what you do is take a picture of the plate of ribs and then after everyone is done eating you take a picture of their plates to see how much they ate. 
Jonas got to chew on a bone, boy did he love that!
Jamen ate so many we lost count and he kept throwing his bones to the dog so we never got a picture 
and poor Jon only ate one...hahaha

It was a good month, we continue to learn more about culture, eating habits, new vocab and ways of life. At times is seems never ending. Also this month I (Jen) had the opportunity to attend a workshop for 5 days and it was so worth my time to learn more about how I function, how to better relate to others, ways to help our family deal with stress, grief and to see my coworkers in a new light. It was a great way end to the month. Stay tuned for Mays post at the end of the month, this month I have an evaluation, Jon has a trip and we are attending a very special event in the lives of Paraguayans, stay tuned to find out more!