Monday, October 07, 2013

September Here and Gone

What times we had this month! Sadly I can't load all the pictures I want to share but here are a few...
First day of school! Jamen started first grade this year and Jade is in preschool. 
Jonas does really well playing by himself while I teach other two but he also has times when he is included in the fun. He says "A" and "two", he is already trying to keep up. 
First day of school snack time of popcorn! 
Jamen went to the dentist for the first time 
Clean teeth! 
We went to our friends wedding this month, what a good time we had! 
A glowing bride!

Some other highlights from the month were my birthday which we celebrated with friends from our life group, I think it went well. We said good bye to a good friend headed back to the states but also welcomed a new friend here to PY. I had an evaluation this month to see how I am progressing in language and culture. We also got out of the city for day to see where the strawberries are grown and go hiking. There was also a pretty bad hail storm this month killing the last of the strawberries and destroying many houses. By us it fell in only dime size pieces but it was larger in the hardest hit areas outside the city. Its now Spring time here in PY and I am enjoying all the flowers in bloom around the city, they are beautiful! So, that was our September, one to remember!