Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sushi...on Cumberland Island?

No, no. Jen and I made sushi at Christmas time for the first time and I was really proud at how our rolls turned out considering it was our first time making and eating sushi. So we took pictures but we keep on forgetting to post them to the blog. That and they never seem to be relevant, and even now they aren't relevant but I have to show them sooner or later...anyway eat your heart out...hehehe...eat...

So yeah Jen and I went to Cumberland Island to go camping a couple of weekends ago and we loved it. Cumberland Island is amazing. I've been there many times as a kid, but never to go into the wilderness area or to go camping so this was a new aspect to it. It was crazy becuase we saw that it was going to be a nice weekend so Jen called them on a Tuesday to see about making a reservation (You have to make a reservation because they limit the number of campers, and the space is limited on the ferry ride which is the only public way out there). They said that two people had just cancelled for that weekend. So then we asked when the next available time was to go over there and they said July so we said "we'll take this weekend".
So we got there and I had already decided that I wanted to hike all the way to the other end of the island from where the ferry drops you off becuase for one it's a wilderness area and two I didn't think many people made it back there. So there Jen and I set off to hike 11 miles one way without having trained at all. So yeah, maybe next time we shouldn't try to go that far cold turkey with full packs on but we made it only slightly injured in our feet and set up camp with daylight still.

Our weekend was full of solitude (we only encountered 4 people all weekend in the backcountry besides park rangers taking a wild horse census) and wildlife. We saw horses, hogs, turkeys, deer, woodpeckers, dolphins, an alligator, and lots of little armadillos like this one. Nice pose huh?

It was just the weekend retreat that the docter ordered. Nothing like the great outdoors to clear your head and clear out the noise so that you can hear God better. The only thing that could have made the weekend any better would have been sushi, but we didn't encounter any Japanese campers...