Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy New Year!

We had a great Christmas this year, it being our third one here it felt more normal for it to be hot, to not have the traditional Christmas comfort foods, to stay up till 2:30am celebrating on the 24th with friends and sleeping in on the 25th. 
Jonas is now totally potty trained and in celebration we gave him a big boy hair cut 
Jamen learned to climb... 
The kids have been enjoying the pool these days. 
Jade turned 4 last month! 
And to ring in the new year we roasted marshmallows! 
And Jade helped me make pizza 
Christmas packages arrived from family... 
and Jonas thinks stickers are for his face. 

We have a very exciting new year ahead of us! It was good for me to reflect on last year, so much of last year was so very hard in so many ways but to think of how much the Lord taught and grew me in the last year has been amazing to reflect on!