Friday, June 24, 2011

The Last Two Weeks

Well, the last two weeks really got away with me but I'm here to say we are doing well! Its been emotional roller coaster looking for houses, we all got colds, I have two days a week 3 hours a day of one-on-one language study and we have been getting to know people more at our church. I would say we are defiantly feeling comfortable here and reality has set in, that this is not a 2 week trip. It hit me the other day walking home with groceries when Jamen asked why a lady was clapping outside someone’s gate. I realized then and there I was living in a culture totally different from how I was raised and having to explain it to my three year old. I have known all along we are in a differnt culture, I see it all the time but there are times when it sinks in more and more. But the Lord is good and he is growing me through these times.
In these last two weeks, I am pleased to say that we have finally found a house! We should be able to get moved in sometime next week (pictures to come). Moving in should be interesting since we don't have a car and we will walking or riding the bus to get things or asking people to help us. Pray for us in this, I'm a little nervous about moving and all the unknown details. So, that’s the latest but here are some highlights from the last two weeks...

It was in the upper 80s the other day and so we ventured out to get some sweet was amazing! 
Fathers Day at church...can you find Jon? 
Jamen and Jade just chilling before bed 
Jamen the other day asked to play games on the iPod and when I looked over at him, he had climbed under the was cute 
My sweet Jade just being cute!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sopa Paraguaya

The other day I tried my hand at making a tradional dish called Sopa Paraguaya. I haven't been able to ask anyone how they make it or even watch but I did get the recipe from a fellow missionary. There seems to be different variations of the dish and I even changed my recipe to not include flour, just corn meal. I also made it a little more healthy by soaking the corn meal and using butter and less oil then called for. It came out great though and tasted like all the other kinds we've tried. This dish is one of our favorites already.
Here I have a few of my ingredients, soaked corn meal (this includes the milk), eggs and 2 cups of onions! 
Grated cheese 
Mix it all together and you have got a great side dish! 

Also, the other day we made it one of the biggest outdoor markets. I don't even know how big it is but it was information overload for me. There was so much to take in... 
the selling fruits and veggies... 

and lots of baskets!

It was neat though to see yet another aspect of life here in Paraguay!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Some Days

Yesterday Jon and I celibrated out 5th wedding anniverary, I'd post pictures of how young we looked but I can't find them right now:-) I can't believe its been five years and as I reflected back on the last five years I am blown away by all that has taken place, all that the Lord has grown us in and is still growing us in. I'll just name a few of things that have taken place... the Lord blessed us with two beautiful kids, we've moved/visited/lived with people for three of those five years, we have learned to be content in difficult situations, to be joyful in the little things and thankful for EVERYTHING! The Lord continues to grow us in these things but its cool to look back and see how He has done that through different people and circumstances.
So last night we ate cake and icecream (which is AMAZING) and watched The Legend of Zorro 
This morning I awoke to the cool air here in Paraguay not completely ready to face the day, I really wanted to keep sleeping. Then as soon as I stepped out of bed it seemed like everything I did went wrong....I washed a towel that completely fell apart and made a huge mess on the clothes... 
Then Jade fell off the toilet and smacked her head, which doesn't seem to be bothering her in this picture. In the below picture you will notice she isn't wearing pants, we are trying very hard to get her potty trained. But needless to say there have been a few messes on the floor (glad for no carpet here). But in my efforts to clean up the mess I made a bigger mess by spilling more water on the floor...sigh...
The upside of the day has been the catching and keeping our new pet, "Bobby" the gecko (Jamen named him) 
I figure the day isn't over yet and I have been reminded to stop and pray as things seem to go wrong and I get frustrated by my actions/clumsiness...the Lord is gracious and growing me more today!