Friday, July 03, 2009

Little Side Trip

The beginning part of this week was kinda busy but really fun! On Monday we headed south to check out a place called ECHO. I would write more about it but Jon wrote a great article about, so check out to find out more. That was first big stop, we had met two other families for lunch and dinner earlier on Monday. On Tuesday we toured ECHO and finally celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by eating the best steak I've ever had in Key West, FL! Yep, we drove all the way down to Key West. On Wednesday morning we got up and went to the beach. It was Jamens first time at the beach!
Jon and Jamen were ready for some fun in the sun
Here I am at 15.5 weeks at the beach
There were coconuts all over the place and I finally found a man selling them on the beach. Jamen and I enjoyed the fresh sweet coconut milk.
Jamen was fearless heading into the water, he went in all the way up to his chest (holding our hands the whole way) and then he found out he could lift his feet and float.
He found a small coconut to play with, it was better than a ball
Here is the beach at Key West, the color of the water was amazing!
Our last stop was at Pizza Fusion. They are a smaller pizza place located in 11 states but the really cool thing is they make gluten free pizza! I couldn't have more excited!! Jamen also enjoyed his first taste of gluten free pizza.
That was our trip in a nut shell. We covered a lot of ground but saw some great places and had lot of fun!