Thursday, April 11, 2013


Learning, what would we do without it? To be honest I think we would be very bored if we didn't learn. I know I have been learning since I was born, but I feel in the last 8 years I have learn the most. Moving away from home, college, dating and getting married, two kids, more schooling, moving/living in peoples homes with family and then moving to a totally new place where nothing is the same as what I know. Then to top it off baby number three comes around and I keep on learning...
This post is for Jonas, I am so glad the Lord blessed us with YOU!
I learned you can go from this to...
...this, all in 40 weeks!
I learned that I have friends all over the world and I am so thankful for their support and friendship! 
I learned how grown up and big my other two kids are, its amazing how truly helpless babies are and I am so glad that my other two could dress themselves, us the bathroom, pick up toys, feed themselves and so much more.
I learned love can be at first sight.
I learned that God can give you peace and encouragement when you are unsure of the unknown. I learned babies do come on their due dates, you can have a 4 hour labor, have a great hospital experience and leave the hospital 18 hours after giving birth.
I learned to cherish more memories, cause they grow so fast.
Those smiles are priceless!
I learned how little you really need to have for babies. I had a mat, a pack n play, a dresser which also served as a changing table and a lawn chair to nurse in. A few clothes, burp cloths, a baby carrier, a handful of toys and a few warm blankets and we were good to go.
I learned you don't need a high chair to feed your kid. Jonas sat on the floor, on the table or in our laps for meals. I only just started to put him in the "high chair" now that he is bigger and he loves it! 
I have learned just how different each of my kids are and to pay attention to things they like and don't like. Jonas loves tags and because of that, he has become very attached to his blanket. He is the first kid to become attached to a blanket, I love it!  
Over all I learned to be more relaxed. Jonas slept in our bed the longest, he was held the most, he was still a scheduled eater and sleeper but if those things got a little messed up I wasn't a basket case because of it. I learned to change diapers and clothes in the 40 degree house in the middle of the night in record time. This third baby experience hasn't been without its challenges but I think over all I have learned more to take in the moment by moment things and to put aside less important things in order to invest more in my kids. 
I love to watch Jonas learn. He loves books, dogs and pointing to things. Its been fun to see him play by himself and to see him interact differently with his brother and sister. With Jade, Jonas is silly and giggly. She likes to read to him, hug and kiss him and tickle him. With Jamen, Jonas is all business  he is handing him blocks and pushing car right along side him. Jamen likes to play with him, as long as cars and blocks are involved. 
I thank the Lord for my third baby and all that I have learned this year!