Friday, August 27, 2010

In Oklahoma

We are in OK and enjoying everything so far. Jamen has made new friends and is once again enjoying having new toys to play with. At this age as long as there is food, a place to sleep and toys Jamen is a happy boy!
Jamen playing playdough with his new friends. There is another couple with two boys, the boys are 4.5 and 3, Jamen enjoys having older kids to play with.
Jade trying sweet potatoes for the first time...well, solids in general...can't say she is very thrilled about the idea.
She gaged and threw up the first two days, now she just won't open her mouth...poor thing...we'll just take it slow
Jade was practicing her kissing on Ezra, another baby with us who is 5 months old. Below is a video our "new house" as Jamen likes to call it.


Allana said...

Jade is kissing boys allready?! Have fun with that :) Love you guys

Mindy White said...

Cool! I was surprised you didn't stack more. But, it looks good - less work to take down at the end. :) Can't wait to have you guys here!!