Saturday, August 14, 2010

How Big is Jade?

Jade may have had surgery on Wednesday but you'd never know it. Below is a video we took of her today, she just wanted to be tickled!

Jade is recovering very well, we have had no infections or problems with her playing with her face. She hasn't even been fussy do to pain, all her fussiness is cause we won't let her be normal...for example, she can't rub her eyes and face when she gets sleepy, she can't sleep without her arm restraints so she fusses cause she can't sleep how she likes. I keep telling her only 12 more days and things should be better. Thank you all for your support and prayers during this time, we have needed it all! Before I forget, the MRI results came in and her brain is normal! We are praising God for our healthy, happy baby girl!

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