Friday, August 20, 2010

Ten Days Later

Here is Jade ten days after surgery! We went to the doctor on Thursday where he took of the steri strips, thats what all the redness is from. She has such sensitive skin when it comes to band-aids and such. The redness should go down in a few more days. Meanwhile its been really nice to let her sleep how she wants, give her a real bath and let her play without worrying as much. They did a great job with removing her birthmarks and as long as we do our part in taking good care of her scars, they are hardly going to be noticeable! Below are a few more highlights from the week.
Apparently the rocks were more interesting then usual
Jades first time on a swing! She loved it!
Jamen and his friend Andrew feeding chickens
These two have so much fun together, they were so cute sitting in the back seat of the van
I'm pretty sure they would play together all day long if we let them. Its such a joy to see them play, I love that Jamen has a friend, even if its only for a time...and who knows maybe they will be friends again one day

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