Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet Baby Jade

Here is Jade two hours before leaving for the hospital. Jon was trying to get her to drink some more liquids before the cut off time. We arrive to the hospital on time and got checked in. We ended up having to wait for 2 hours until they finally took Jade. We were a bundle of nerves, we spent our time in prayer and were so thankful to have Herb and Janet there for most of the time to talk with and keep our minds busy. The two hours and 15 min that we waited seemed very long but soon Jade was in recovery and we could see her! I wasn't prepared for all the medical hook ups that she still had on, like the IV in her neck, heart monitors, blood pressure cuff and pulse monitor. She was discharged in under an hour and we drove the 2 hours home. She slept for most of the ride home and when she woke up she smiled at me! Up to that point she recognized us but it was her smile that melted my heart! God is good and answered our prayers for safe surgery and a smiling and healthy functioning baby!
Jade did great her first night home, she woke to eat several times and then went right back to sleep. She hasn't been in any pain or so it seems, she's only gotten fussy when its time to sleep. The arm restraints have been great for sleeping and as long as we are right by her side when she is awake we take them off. Thank you for all your prayers! We should get the MRI results in a few days, we'll keep you all posted.
I had to post these picture as well, Jamen being silly and his new hair cut!

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