Saturday, June 04, 2011

Some Days

Yesterday Jon and I celibrated out 5th wedding anniverary, I'd post pictures of how young we looked but I can't find them right now:-) I can't believe its been five years and as I reflected back on the last five years I am blown away by all that has taken place, all that the Lord has grown us in and is still growing us in. I'll just name a few of things that have taken place... the Lord blessed us with two beautiful kids, we've moved/visited/lived with people for three of those five years, we have learned to be content in difficult situations, to be joyful in the little things and thankful for EVERYTHING! The Lord continues to grow us in these things but its cool to look back and see how He has done that through different people and circumstances.
So last night we ate cake and icecream (which is AMAZING) and watched The Legend of Zorro 
This morning I awoke to the cool air here in Paraguay not completely ready to face the day, I really wanted to keep sleeping. Then as soon as I stepped out of bed it seemed like everything I did went wrong....I washed a towel that completely fell apart and made a huge mess on the clothes... 
Then Jade fell off the toilet and smacked her head, which doesn't seem to be bothering her in this picture. In the below picture you will notice she isn't wearing pants, we are trying very hard to get her potty trained. But needless to say there have been a few messes on the floor (glad for no carpet here). But in my efforts to clean up the mess I made a bigger mess by spilling more water on the floor...sigh...
The upside of the day has been the catching and keeping our new pet, "Bobby" the gecko (Jamen named him) 
I figure the day isn't over yet and I have been reminded to stop and pray as things seem to go wrong and I get frustrated by my actions/clumsiness...the Lord is gracious and growing me more today!


Natalie said...

Happy anniversary! I remember sitting in our Song of Solomon class with you and Jon when you were engaged ;) Aw those were the days. Ice cream, movie and your best friend...perfect way to celebrate.
much love,

Allana said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! You guys are doing so much and GOD is doing even more. I love you all very much and am keeping you in my prayers.