Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sopa Paraguaya

The other day I tried my hand at making a tradional dish called Sopa Paraguaya. I haven't been able to ask anyone how they make it or even watch but I did get the recipe from a fellow missionary. There seems to be different variations of the dish and I even changed my recipe to not include flour, just corn meal. I also made it a little more healthy by soaking the corn meal and using butter and less oil then called for. It came out great though and tasted like all the other kinds we've tried. This dish is one of our favorites already.
Here I have a few of my ingredients, soaked corn meal (this includes the milk), eggs and 2 cups of onions! 
Grated cheese 
Mix it all together and you have got a great side dish! 

Also, the other day we made it one of the biggest outdoor markets. I don't even know how big it is but it was information overload for me. There was so much to take in... 
the selling fruits and veggies... 

and lots of baskets!

It was neat though to see yet another aspect of life here in Paraguay!

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So neat guys! Lauren