Friday, June 24, 2011

The Last Two Weeks

Well, the last two weeks really got away with me but I'm here to say we are doing well! Its been emotional roller coaster looking for houses, we all got colds, I have two days a week 3 hours a day of one-on-one language study and we have been getting to know people more at our church. I would say we are defiantly feeling comfortable here and reality has set in, that this is not a 2 week trip. It hit me the other day walking home with groceries when Jamen asked why a lady was clapping outside someone’s gate. I realized then and there I was living in a culture totally different from how I was raised and having to explain it to my three year old. I have known all along we are in a differnt culture, I see it all the time but there are times when it sinks in more and more. But the Lord is good and he is growing me through these times.
In these last two weeks, I am pleased to say that we have finally found a house! We should be able to get moved in sometime next week (pictures to come). Moving in should be interesting since we don't have a car and we will walking or riding the bus to get things or asking people to help us. Pray for us in this, I'm a little nervous about moving and all the unknown details. So, that’s the latest but here are some highlights from the last two weeks...

It was in the upper 80s the other day and so we ventured out to get some sweet was amazing! 
Fathers Day at church...can you find Jon? 
Jamen and Jade just chilling before bed 
Jamen the other day asked to play games on the iPod and when I looked over at him, he had climbed under the was cute 
My sweet Jade just being cute!

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