Thursday, December 09, 2010


The has flown by since our last post and much has happened. First off, we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, it was great to be with my two brothers and sister one last time for a while.
My handsome brothers and beautiful sister!
It was also hard to say goodbye, many tears were shed as we left NH. But we rejoiced in the fact that we were able to stop in and see both of my grandmas.
Great grandmas with the great grandkids
This was the first time either of them had meet Jamen and Jade, they were very excited to see the great grand kids. After a quick stop to see great grandparents, we continued our way south.

When we arrived in VA we immediately started to help out with Jon's youngest sisters wedding.
Weddings bring family together for a time of laughter, tears, a little stress but ultimately a good time and a new family gained.
However it was very busy here at the Quast house, with dress's to be altered, centerpieces to be made and food to be cooked for the reception.
The tables at the reception. I did all 20 centerpieces by myself, I'm just a little proud of them. It was fun getting all dressed up for the wedding.
Aren't they cute!
Despite the busyness we really had a good time at the wedding and Jamen really liked his sunglasses!
Jamen was the ring bearer and his cousin Elizabeth was a flower-girl, they were so cute all dressed up.
Jade got to have her first father daughter dance and I enjoyed seeing the family all together and taking tons of pictures.

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