Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Jade

This was me a year ago...hard to believe ones body can get this big, I measured from my hip to the front of my belly and it stuck out 12 inches!
After 12 hours of labor, no drugs of any kind Jade Noel Quast arrived!
Jamen was and still is a proud big brother!
We were shocked when we saw the birthmark Jade was born with, but so thankful for health baby! Its been a journey of surgery, biopsies, an MRI and many visits to see an dermatologist to help us understand more about this large congenital melanocytic nevi that covers 1/3 of her body. Jade has no neurological problems or physical problems and we praise God for her and all that He has taught us through her birth! It is still a journey, her birthmark needs monitoring to make sure nothing looks suspicious...aka cancerous...but in the mean time we live day to day enjoying her growing up!
Happy Birthday Jade!
(first birthday cake and party pictures to come!)


The Carney's said...

That's awesome guys!!! Please give Jade a big birthday hug & kiss for us & give Jamen one as well!!! Hope to see you guys soon!!! be safe & we love yuns!!!

Love, Your NC Cuzins

Lauren said...

She is so beautiful! And no drugs? Wowzers! Happy Birthday, Jade!