Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall Memories

This week was full of new memories made. Jamen showed Uncle Ben all his cars and together they played.
Jamen iced Grandpa's head to help his headache
Jamen painted for the first time and Jade watched very intently
Jade and Grandma played with toys I played with as a kid
Jamen and Grandpa played blocks together
We took walks with the dog and Aunt Allana enjoying the warmer fall weather
I showed Jamen and Jade the soft silky milkweed seeds and how much fun they are to play with
We took a trip to Maine and enjoyed the ocean view!
While in Maine we visited Grain Surf Boards, which was very exciting for Jon!
Throughout this week the Lord has continued to encourage me. He has encouraged me through people giving us fresh eggs and milk to enjoy and by the little things that I enjoy doing, baking and making homemade remedies to ease colds for my sick kids. I've been encouraged by showing Jamen all the fun places I use to play, trees climbed and little rivers to throw rocks in. Our time here in NH is not over yet but already I've been able to come to a peace about saying goodbye to the things I've held dear to my heart. I don't know when we'll be back here but I am glad for new memories and old ones that I will always treasure!

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