Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life on the Road

I've decide its high time to write a little more about our life each time I post pictures. So today I wanted to share that we are now completely done with missionary training! Jon turned in his final paper yesterday and we are now officially en-route to Paraguay! We are planning to be in Paraguay in April but to do that we must say goodbyes to family and friends and continue raise support. The first of many stops was to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa in NY.

Jade and Gigi
Jamen and Jade playing in the NY leaves!
Jamen helping Bompa with all the leaves

Currently we are in NH visiting with my family. Its been two years since we've been back to NH and 10 months since Grandma and Grandpa have seen the grandkids. Its been good for me to be back here as well to really say goodbye to all the places I have grown up with.

But its not goodbye yet, Jamen is loving the time he has with Aunt Allana...he miss her when she goes to school and asks to go with her.

Allana reading a bedtime story to Jamen

More stories with Grandma and Grandpa

Jade being cute as ever!

Please pray for us we say goodbye, pray that we will be diligent as we continue to organize speaking engagements. Pray that we will do things in the Lord’s timing. Pray that God’s people would be moved to support this ministry. And pray that the gospel would go out where it has never gone before as a result of our collective obedience to the task of reaching this world for Christ!

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