Thursday, August 07, 2008

Walk with me...

I wanted to invite you to walk with me around the campus which we now call home. Every morning I enjoy my walks around the property. I usually take Jamen with me was we clime hills, cross rivers and enjoy the wildlife all around. The New Tribes Mission (NTM) Missionary Training Center (MTC) sits on over 300 acres of land. Its not all developed so there is plenty of room for exploring and growth of the campus. Allow me to give you a tour of my favorite spots and the view that awaited us as we drove into the valley.

When we fist arrived this sign brought much relief, it indicated we were almost there.

This road would lead us to our final destination.

We came down the last hill and...
we were there, well, almost at least we were at the bottom of the hill.

Next we traveled past the classroom, administration and childcare buildings.
We drove up a little hill and turned down the road on the left between those two buildings.

Down a little further and our apt. building is the last one in this row. The apt. buildings are numbered 100 though 600.We are in whats called the 300 row, our apt. number is 326.

Here it is, home sweet home!

Our apt. has two bedrooms but is actually smaller than our apt. in GA but we like it and can't complain. Its all training for the tribe! We only have a half bath and no laundry room so we walk out the front door and turn left and there is the wash house. It has showers and washers and dryers. We are really close to the wash house, which is nice especially come winter time!

Well, that's all for now. I will post more pictures of the grounds soon, hope you have enjoyed the tour so far!

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