Monday, August 11, 2008

Walk with me (cont.)

As we continue our journey let me tell you a little about God's creation that surrounds us here in Roach, Missouri. In the mornings when I walk I listen to the birds wake up, so far I have seen sparrows, cardinals, blue herons, indigo buntings, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and the western blue bird. They fly from cedar trees and black walnut trees that cover the property.
(these swings are long the shore of the lake, it makes for a nice place to think)
Deer run through the open fields, sending the turkeys running, the bunnies hopping and the ground hogs heading for cover. The fish jump in the lake and the muskrats swim from shore to shore. The snakes poke their heads out of the water while the turtles sun themselves on the rocks.
(this is where we swim)
The other morning I walked with the camera and saw two deer. Can you see them?
The wild flowers are plentiful and the butterflies love them. I have seen so many beautiful colorful butterflies, some with blue, some with yellow and orange, brown and black.
(this is my favorite view)
Hope this gives you a better picture of what it looks like, I really enjoy it and I have really seen all those animals mentioned above;-)

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