Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I do

This month I learned to hold my toys and get them into my mouth...yum!

I enjoy it when Daddy sings to me

I help Mommy make the bed

I help when changing my diaper

And most of all I like to smile!


i need a loan said...

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lean said...

oh my goodness he is getting so big. you have one cute little boy he is goin to be a heart breaker when he grows up ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh my word! I just love these pictures! He looks like a kid now Jen! Like, not a newborn, but a real boy baby! how fun!!!!!!!!!! sorry it took so long for me to get on to look...you know me and internet, and all I've associated with the internet lately was looking for jobs and apartments, and it totally stressed me out! now I can go on for fun!
okay, let's talk this week:)