Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camp Cherry Mountain

Today I finished up a three-day missions challenge speaking engagement at Camp Cherry Mountain. The camp was being rented by the Dallas County Southern Baptist Association, and to make a long story short they were scrambling to find a missionary speaker, and since beggars can't be chosers, they wound up with me. It was pretty crazy how it all worked out. I only found out about it last Friday.

I wish I could have gotten some audio (then again maybe that's a good thing) but to kind of sum it up a gave the same message 4 times a day to different groups and a total of 3 different messages (one for each day). So in all I spoke 12 times. On Tuesday my message revolved around the theme that in missions our objective is to spread a message, namely the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ in place of us all. Wednesdays message was based on the woman at the well. All people have a thirst in their soul and the only thing that can quench that thirst is the gospel, and unless someone shows them where the "well of living water" is they will die of thirst. Today's message was based in the book of Jonah and was discouraging them from making excuses for why they aren't involved in missions.

Only God knows if I challanged anyone to change the way they view missions but I have to say the teens were pretty good, about 80 in all. The leaders were great too. All in all I enjoyed the experience and am already looking ahead to next weeks challenge as I will be giving a missions challenge at the kids camp (elementary school age).

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