Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thanks For The Prayers

I wanted to put a special post right here to say thank you for the prayers given on our behalf for our journey. I cannot begin to describe how faithful God was to get us here. Some would say it was irresponsible to drive 1300 miles with a cracked radiator. In part I would have to agree. I probably never would have set out if I had known it was cracked. I noticed a leak 3 days before we left but it was minor. little did I know that it was a crack the was growing bigger. With being already on the road, and not knowing where to go with, the choice to carry 3 gallons of water with us at all times and pray to make to a place to refill the jugs was pretty scary, but thank God we never overheated. On 3 seperate occassions when we stopped the radiator was empty and we didn't overheat. Some suggest a faulty sensor, however the sensor has been tested and is good. It can only be explained by the power of our God working through His people's prayers. So thanks again. Our faith has been strengthened through this experience.

(ps, im replacing the radiator on Tuesday for those who still think I'm irresponsible. I'm not going to pray it doesn't overheat with a broken radiator for the next 2 years. It will be fixed :-)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you are all safe! I prayed for your travels, but didn't know it was for the radiator!:) Aren't the hazen's great people!? I'll see you on August 11th. -Arielle