Saturday, May 12, 2007

Caffeinated Conversations

It seems like a lot of social things these days happen arounnd a cup of coffee. Or maybe it not so much the times as my age. I'm not sure which but Jen and I got the chance to spend some time with our church's newest elected deacon Jeremy and his wife Leighann Pittman (and their little baby girl). We went to a local coffee shop (it's an easy choice since we have 1) and talked for a couple hour in there. It was great. Even the baby wanted coffee but her mom didn't think it would be good for babies (I agree).
What if squirrels drank coffee? They have enough energy is it is. They would move on to chaotic. Ok, it must be obvious by now I don't have much to write about...what if Spiderman drank coffee...

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The Hamb Fambly said...

Have you seen over the hedge, remember the squirrel after the caffeine filled energy drink. Anyway we are glad to hear you are getting opportunities to build some relationships within your church.