Monday, January 01, 2007

The drive

Today we drove down to GA in search of a place to live until missionary school. We got up early to leave and started down the road. Shortly after we left we got a phone call from my good high school buddy "Boot" who asked us if we were driving past his place. We were so we arranged to stop in and see him. His mom surprised by making a great lunch which kept us from having to buy another meal on the road, and Boot called a few of our buddies and they came over at the drop of a hat. It was so cool to see them after 3 years. 3 years! Thats too long for friends, but hey, sometimes thats the way it is. We were sad to leave but after an 1 1/2 hours we had spent all the time we could and kept driving.
We drove all day and made it to my Uncle Ted and Aunt Janie's house by 9. They graciously opened their home to us to stay while we look for a place to live. They are the first thing that has worked out for us so far in this trip. Things just seem to be falling through all around us with jobs and apartments, but at least this has worked out. We don't know what we'll find tomorrow but we know that God is watching out for us as always so we are at peace.

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Boot said...

haha yeah!!! I made the blog. woot woot! Man I miss you guys already. Anytime yall come by and need a place to stay ... mi case es su casa! love you buddy!