Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All Moved In

Well to those of you who read this thing (which is exactly a couple people) Jen and I are completely moved into our apartment in Kingsland. We're pretty excited, needless to say. We have been busy since coming here doing things like getting set up, looking for jobs, and meeting with our pastor. Those things have gone well except we still don't have jobs but...
Jen is going for a nanny interview today for a new born which would really suit her fancy and Jon is following up an application sent to a construction company that is looking for a green horn construction worker so things are looking up. Pray for us as we also pray for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys I am glad that you got moved in to your apartment! That is exciting. So how was the job interview Jen?? I think of you guys often.

Love ya,