Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What a week

What a week this has been indeed. Let me fill you in on some of the highlights:

Jon graduated as scheduled on December 16th. The service was great and we are truly excited.
That evening we had dinner with one of our best friends whom we affectionately call "Papa John". It was great to spend time with him on our last night at school
December 17th we left Jackson a little late (like after noon) but we got off to a great start. Rather than take the direct route to Jon's parent's house in Virginia, we decided to take the scenic route through Kentucky and West Virginia. Unfortunately by the time we got to Kentucky it wasn't scenic at all because the sun had already set and by that time we were one such a roll we drove straight on through and arrived at our destination at 8 in the morning.
From that point on we have just kind of been relaxing with family and just enjoying being done with school for a spell.

Christmas day was wonderful. We were able to be here as a family (Grandma and Grandpa Q., Mom and Dad Q., Jen and I, and baby sister Haley). We did the traditional Christmas Day thing, with the presents and meal and then we sat around and watched movies. By the end of the day we had done so little it felt so wrong but yet so good. Maybe you can relate. Anyway vacation is coming to an end as we now need to continue plans to move to GA hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

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