Saturday, December 09, 2006

Missionary Candidates!

Yesterday Jen and I receieved our "senior interview". This interview is just a closing interview as we leave Bible school so that the staff can remind us where we have been, how we have grown, and the areas that we still need to grow in. They also tell us whether or not we have been recommended on to New Tribes Mission's Missionary Training Center in Camdemton Missouri. We are both greatly thrilled to say that we have been recommended on! While many people are recommended on after Bible school, it is still a major step in our goal of establishing a healthy, functioning, New Testament church in a tribal setting. Actually, the close of Bible school, is the first step towards this goal. So it goes without saying that we are so excited that we can barely stand it!

Be in prayer for us as we hope to be in Missouri come August. We need to be in spiritual preparation as the time there will be intense. We need to be preparing partners with us in the gospel by establishing a sending church (no small task). We also need to be preparing financially since we will not be able to work during the next phase of training. To all of you who have been praying: thank you for partnering with us in expanding the reach of the gospel!

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