Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Things are wrapping up

Only one more day of classes like these and my two years at New Tribes Bible Institutes will be done. Seems like a just pulled up in my little blue chevy on that cold January day. Now here I am, married, poised to graduate and move on with our missionary aspirations. But the time isn't done yet. I can still learn, and have fun, and...stuff. By the way, the picture you see is my professor Butch Bennett who would probably say tongue in cheek that I haven't learned anything.

Jen will miss working with the little kids. They could really be a handful at times, but a blessing at the same time. And she says that she's learned alot about kids since she's been here, which is a good thing for when we have kids. It's kind of cool. She would learn about kids for a couple hours, and then send them home :) All in all things are wrapping up fast here and we are just trying to keep up.

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Jon said...

Jon & Jen!
Congratulations on being recommended on! Maybe I'll see you there, 2007, 2008 or, maybe not, I haven't decided which MI I want to go to ^_^ I've got time. I pray that you are able to bear through the last few days, I'm sure things are busy. Thankfully GOD is your strength!

HIS servant