Tuesday, February 26, 2013


In the beginning of February we took a trip to visit some friends and see the work they are doing. It was an eight day trip and it was really hard for me to pick from the 500 pictures we took. We had an amazing time, here is what we did....
We packed the car and headed out on a Friday morning at 5:30am! 
The kids were very excited!
We drove out of the city in the dark and watched the sunrise 
and the countryside changed so much before our eyes 
Our first stop to visit friends and see them in action working with believers and the church there 
I love these pictures of the this man reading his Bible and 
this little boy looking through the pictures of the Bible stories
I loved watching my kids interact with the other missionaries kids and the tribal kids 
The kids loved to have their pictures taken and to see them on the screen of the camera 
Jamen got to pick some pineapple, the plants are behind him
After a few days we visited another location, once again the countryside changed even though it was only about 3 hours away 
At this new location we didn't stay with a family, we had a little house without pluming and just before we got there they put up solar panels and we did have a light! But we had to get all our water out the community well for drinking, cooking and bathing. The kids really enjoyed this process
On our way we crossed some scary looking bridges, yes we crossed this in the car 
We did some hiking  
and walking

Jamen got involved with the kids when it was time to color pictures, can you find him? 
We visited friends of the missionaries 

Jamen like playing games with the boys

Jonas took baths in the bucket 
We visited a waterfall 
and helped in anyway we could 

We had a great time, I can't tell you how great it was to see us a family doing things together and seeing team work and seeing the stars!!! If you want to know more, email and I'll tell you more! Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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