Thursday, February 14, 2013

Goodbyes and Good Times

January went by very fast for me. I am happy to say that my goal of getting up at 5:30 is going very well. I had few days that it was hard due to late nights or sick kids. But I am actually enjoying my 1.5hr of time to myself, with the Lord, with my husband, and cup of tea! I haven't been able to get together with my neighbors  that has been disappointing, but I am finding other ways to get in language time and I still visit with them when I go to their store. For now I feel like we have found a good balance of life and study, some days are better than others but its going well. The Lord continues to challenge my thinking in how to do ministry as a family, how to teach my kids and work as an effective team with my husband.

Some other highlights of January are as follows...
Kids dressed up for church 
We helped a family move, they are heading into the tribe some time this year and we were very excited to help them move but sad as well to see them go. They have been good friends a great encouragement to us! 
Jade being silly with Jonas and playing with doilies, they make great hats. 
My reading list for the month, but really it will take me the next 6 months to get through all these. I have finished two and I am half way through 4 of them:-) 
We spent a great day at a friends farm. 
Jamen caught his first fish! 
Jade got scared of the fish, this is a not a posed picture.  
Jamen made a friend 
Jonas had a good time as well 
Jamen had fun feeding the cows
Our day at the farm ended in us being very sick, to read more visit the link below.

Well, that was January in a nut shell, check back in two weeks to hear about our Feb and our trip!

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